I'm a photographer, and this blog is all about sharing my work. Through the images presented here I hope you'll experience the fun, energy, honesty and emotion I have been entrusted to document.

I specialize in the photography of family history because I love to create memorable images of real life, both for you and for your entire family. If that sounds interesting, drop me a line. Iā€™d love to talk with you.

Until then, welcome.


Ann + Leo’s Favourite Image

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The latest entry in the Favourite Image project is from Ann, who writes:

“It was really hard to pick a favorite because different photos appealed to us for different reasons. But we love the texture and tone of this photo. It also just “feels” like that night felt, when we walked outside into the courtyard. It was twilight. We were shaking a little bit from the excitement of the ceremony. And from the cold. But the world seemed very still, very silent.”


For me, the best shot of the daywas taken looking down over the market. I like how this image has an historic feel to it, even if there are modern cars in it šŸ™‚



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