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Doubtful Sound

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We did an overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound (so named because Captain Cook thought it doubtful that he could sail out, should he sail in). This cruise is much more remote, and is possible only because of a road built to allow the construction of a power plant. We had to take a boat ride across a lake…

then a bus down the aforementioned road (stopping to take in the view along the way)…

…to arrive at the sound itself. This cruise was a two-day event, so we had time to really explore the sound. We even had time to kayak šŸ™‚

This was really neat…a cloud was rolling over a mountain in the distance.

Then it was out to the open ocean to view the seals.

We spent the night in a quite arm of the sound, which afforded a fantastic show as the setting sun lit up the peaks of the surrounding mountains.

The next morning started at 6am when the engines and the generator turned on šŸ™‚ After a great breakfast, we went into a secluded arm of the sound to experience 5 minutes of total silence. It was surreal, and amazing how much sound the daily grind of city living covers up.

This is another one of the interesting features of the area: a tree avalanche:

The mountains have very little for vegetation to hold on to, so when a tree gets knocked over for whatever reason, is smokes everything below it as it falls, leaving a huge scar down the side of the mountain. There were all kinds of these throughout both Milford and Doubtful.

Once we had completed the cruise, we were on our way north. This was a neat spot along the way, a protected grassland of some kind.

Next stop: glacier hiking


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