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Grand Canyon Sunset

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We arrived at the Grand Canyon just in time for sunset. Remember how I said it was cold for a few days in Vegas? Well, there was still snow on the ground here…we weren’t expecting that šŸ™‚ We found a great spot to view the canyon as the sun went down…what an experience. There is no way to capture the scale of the place…but I tried!

How can I resist not using my IR camera?

This one was taken very late…you can see the stars if you look close. Yay for full moons!

Our first night in the Grand Canyon was spent at the El Tovar Hotel on the edge of the south rim….literally 30 feet away from the edge. The designer, Charles Whittlessey, designed it so that no room has a direct view of the canyon; he (so I was told) wanted people to get outside and enjoy the view and not just look at it through a window. Smart guy. Here’s a picture taken at night of the hotel:


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