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‘Byward Market’ Entries

Fiona + Andrew


Fiona and Andrew celebrated the start of their new life together at Eighteen in the market.

Sarah + James are Married!


Sarah and James came all the way from Australia for their big day, and Mother Nature really came through with bright sunny weather. After hanging out with the guys  in the early part of the day, I headed over Sarah’s parents place as the ladies got ready for the main event. The ceremony was at the Rockcliffe Pavilion, one of my favourite spots. After that it was off to the Chateau Laurier for dinner and party time! All the best down under guys!

Joanna + Vincent are Married!


As a photographer I tend to spend the majority of my time behind the camera, and rarely in front of it. In fact I know many photographers who really don’t like having their photo taken at all. I’m not that bad, but I will say that it does feel strange to be the one in front of the lens when you are so used to being the one pressing the button. The only way to do it is to have absolute trust in your chosen photographer…otherwise you spend the whole day second-guessing what happens and hows it’s done.

So I knew exactly how Vincent felt during the day I spent with him, documenting his wedding day with Joanna. Vincent is also a photographer, and I was very happy and honored to have the opportunity to work with them both. The weather was a bit touch and go, but all that meant was great skies and lots of hugs to stay warm…for them, not for me! :)

I started the day with Joanna at her home, where she got ready for the main event with her parents and sister.

We then made our way to St Patricks Church in Fallowfield for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, we made a visit to family members that couldn't be there in person.

After some group photos with their closest friends, we meandered around and through the Byward Market, eventually making it to the the Empire Grill for their party.

As you can see, they had a great bunch of friends there to help them celebrate.

Congrats, guys!



  1. Photographers Barrie wrote “Awesome wedding shots, great emotion with these two!”
  2. Marie Weston wrote “Beautiful photos - True works of art!”

Karolyn + Malcolm’s Wedding


These two crazy cats were married in the Glebe at St James Church. We then hopped into the vintage Impala and cruised into the market for some magic time with the wedding party. The rest of the day was at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for dinner and party time!


Joanna + Vincent: Sneak Peek


I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon! Here are a few to make you smile until you’re back home…more to come :)…Mike

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