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‘Chagrin Falls Wedding Photographer’ Entries

Laura + Ian are Married! (Part Two)


Ok then, on with part two of Laura and Ian’s wedding! (part one is here)

Once we were back at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club it was wedding time!

The cops showed up and we took off in the car for a quick photo shoot before dinner!

Then it was dinner time. The ambiance and decor were impeccable.

The garter and bouquet were caught by a suspiciously specific couple…:)

And then the band Run Avril Run got things rolling on the dance floor!

Congratulations guys, it was a great pleasure to work with you and your family! And a thanks again for all your help Melissa šŸ™‚


Laura + Ian are Married! (Part One)


I have a lot to share, so I’ve split this wedding’s images into two posts. Here we go!

I have been to some hot places in my life. Africa, Malaysia, Thailand…I remember a morning spent photographing the grounds of the Singapore Botanical Gardens back in 2003 that was so hot I had to change my shirt three times during the day. This is what came to mind as I started the day’s photography for Laura and Ian, because I think it was even hotter and more humid than southeast Asia!

How hot was it? This started off as a bag of gummi bears:

Not as tasty when they are all melted together

Everyone in attendance was in too great of a mood to notice though, and the day went off as one of funnest weddings I’ve ever attended…made even better because my good friend Melissa was there to help me capture the day! Thanks Melissa!

We started with the guys having a late breakfast together…

Vegetables always taste better in liquid form.

Then it was off to the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club to meet up with Laura and the ladies as they prepared for the big day.

Laura and Ian planned a late afternoon ceremony, which meant that we did a lot of the couples photography before hand. The first time they saw each other was a special moment for them both, quiet and away from the crowd. I love it when this happens.

We spent some time walking the grounds of the club, and then it was off to explore the village of Chagrin Falls šŸ™‚

Then it was back to the club for the main event…but that will have to wait. More tk…


Laura + Ian’s Wedding Rehearsal


Laura and Ian were married in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, the cutest, quaintest little town I’ve seen in a long time. An absolute dream of a location, and such a nice change of scenery in the middle of wedding season. I arrived on Friday, and that night we joined the rehearsal party and Jekyll’s Kitchen for some good food and good times. How can you go wrong overlooking a waterfall?

Here are a few for you to enjoy!

Laura + Ian: Sneak Peek


I’m still ploughing through all the images from Laura and Ian’s wedding last Saturday, but here are a few to tide you over until I get them all finished!


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