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‘Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Wedding’ Entries

Krista +Steve’s Favourite Image


Krista and Steve (who, incidently, have just purchased a VW bus and are planning a months-long trip across North America–very cool) sent this as their favourite image:

“Hi Mike,

Choose just ONE?!

Well we did it. And actually we both agreed right away. We chose this picture because it just so perfectly represents the ceremony – the sun shining (after the rain!), everyone smiling, our giddiness, the adorable officiant smiling so sweetly at us. It’s a very happy, heart-warming picture. And the lens flare is cool too šŸ˜‰

Thanks for this. It was fun going through the pictures again together.”

I had a lot of fun with Krista and Steve, both on their engagement session and their wedding…they are just fun people. However, to pick one image as my favourite there can be no doubt. If you have spent any time at all on my blog, you know which image I am going to select, as it is one of my favourite images ever. Sorry guys, but this one isn’t really of you at all! That’s right, the cat licking his ass:

We christened him “Mangy.” And if it was their wedding, it was definitely his farm. He spent the ceremony wandering through the crowd, sitting on empty seats, and generally taking no notice of what was going on. When he decided to…uhm…”clean” himself while I was shooting, well there was no question that I had to get a photo. The cool thing is that you can tell everyone is laughing, even though they are out of focus šŸ™‚

I’ve been back to the farm a few times since then, and he’s still there, the king of the castle.


More about the Favourite Image project

  1. Gen wrote “Yeah...that feline rocks my world!!!!!!”
  2. tara wrote “GREAT image!”



That was the comment from one of the judges in the ISPWP winter photo contest, for this image:

Taken from Krista and Steve’s wedding, it is one of my favourite images ever šŸ™‚ It didn’t place as well as I thought it would…but then humour is so subjective, so I’m happy with how well it did.

From the same wedding, this image place 20th:

Earlier in the summer I went to Alaska to help my good friend Melissa shoot a wedding, and I convinced the security guard to let us out onto the catwalk of the Alyeska tramway pavilion at the top of the mountain:

Fourth place, not too shabby šŸ™‚


  1. Mark wrote “Great photos, Mike! I love the first one with the cat. It's freakin' hilarious!”
  2. Stefania wrote “Congrats on your success.”
  3. Rob Greer wrote “The 4th place winner is pretty friggin' fabulous! And I'm pretty impressed with the cat shot ... even though I don't particularly like cats.”

Krista + Steve are Married


Krista and Steve were married at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm.

















  1. Allegra wrote “I kept looking saying - oo thats my favorite, then ooo no THAT's my favorite. Well they are all just fabulous (as always). But I think my for real, final favorite is the one of them on the red stripe background. or wait no maybe its the cat one....”
  2. Laurie wrote “Eee! Sooo excited to see some of the photos! Mike, you did an amazing job; I hope to 'work' with you again soon!”
  3. Sandra wrote “Wicked Awesome. You guys are hot. The pictures are soooo good. I love the one with your feet and the bottom of Krista's dress. I also love the one of steve's grandma. And the one of where your lying on that red and white thing. And the one where your dancing. Wait. I might just list them all. These are super well done. I'm impressed. Lets see more!!”
  4. Gen wrote “Holy lovely light Batman!”

Katherine + Brian are Married


Katherine and Brian were married at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm.


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