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‘Tuesday Tip’ Entries

Tuesday Tip: Break In your Shoes

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Ladies, the shoes you choose to wear on your wedding day are an important part of the dress. Besides being a great way to accessorize and express your personal style, they effect everything from the shape of your calf to the hemline of your dress. All of which you probably know already.

The right shoe completes any outfit.

If you’re like most brides, the shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day are purchased just for that occasion. And as we all know, even the most comfortable shoes need a little breaking in before they are ready for extended wearing. We’ve all purchased new shoes, and we’ve all had the sore feet and blisters that can result from wearing them the first time for too long.

You might feel strange just hanging out in these, but your feet will thank you in the long run.

So today’s tip is this: break them in before the big day. All it takes is wearing them for an hour or two, once a week, at home. Do this maybe 4-5 times, and your feet will thank you when it comes time to walk down the aisle. The trick is to break them in without wearing them out. Every shoe is different of course so use your judgment as to the exact schedule. And try to stay on indoor surfaces to avoid scuffs and such. All you want to do is get that first time pain over with.

The ideal shoe for Vacuuming?

With everything else happening on your wedding day, looking for band aids or blister tape shouldn’t be one of them.


Tuesday Tip: Don’t Worry about The Weather

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For today’s Tuesday Tip, let’s talk about the weather. Specifically, crappy weather.

Like most couples, Christine and I worried about the weather for our wedding. We did so even knowing what I’m about to tell you (we had great weather ftr).

Me and Christine! Photo courtesy of Susan Stripling. Thanks Susan!

As rational humans we know that weather can’t be controlled. We also know that worrying about it only adds to the stress of your wedding. Yet we worry. Weird right?

Over the years I have seen plenty of forecasts for doom and gloom, even on the morning of the actual wedding day, and all we got was a cloudy day…sometimes even sunshine. After all, does “40% chance of rain” mean “40% of the area has a 100% chance of rain” or “100% of the area has a 40% chance of rain“? Hell if I know. Weather forecasting is a black art at the best of times. And have you ever noticed that no matter how badly the forecast is screwed up, we keep going back to it? But I digress.

Even on days where it does rain, it rarely rains for the entire day. In fact, in the eight years I’ve been doing this, I’ve only had constant rain for an entire day once. Usually it looks like it’s about to rain for a while, then it rains, then it stops an hour or so later.

Ten minutes after this was taken, the sun was shining in a blue sky. From Kerri and Kurtis's wedding

Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore a dire forecast. Always have plans for crap weather, especially if you are going for an outdoor wedding or if any critical part of your day depends on clear weather (a boat ride to the ceremony for example).

You'll want a raincoat if you're planning this. From Stef and Nick's wedding

All I’m suggesting is that once you’ve made those plans, don’t sweat over it. Embrace the uncertainty. Ultimately you’ll be happier if you spend your time working on the things you have influence over.

From a photographer’s perspective, wet roads look cool in photos. See?

See how nice the sky looks? And how the streets reflect the lights? It basically rained all day, but IMHO was worth it for this one panorama. From Cathy and Dave's wedding

Cloudy looks cool, too, if it’s done right.

Clouds in IR...nothing tops the look. From Helen and Bihn's wedding

As do umbrellas:

Rushing in to the Yangtse Restaurant. This is why I always carry two white umbrellas :)From Helen and Bihn's wedding

Hiding under a golf umbrella. Meaghan came prepared 🙂 From Meaghan and Pete's wedding

Any photographer that knows what s/he is doing will have a game plan for weather contingencies that involves more than just running to the Bank of Canada building. This experience is part of what you are paying for when you hire a pro. So don’t sweat it. Unless it’s hot, in which case…enjoy the heat!


Tuesday Tip: Fiancée, fiancé and … finance?

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Today’s tip is a quickie, and is for the proper use of the words fiancée and fiancé. A fiancée is the correct word for a bride-to-be, while a future groom (also known as a bridegroom) is called a fiancé. Most spellcheckers get this wrong, by either missing the accent, or by trying to change it to “finance.” I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is apropos or ironic 🙂


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