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I specialize in the photography of family history because I love to create memorable images of real life, both for you and for your entire family. If that sounds interesting, drop me a line. I’d love to talk with you.

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‘Vacation’ Entries

Africa at 10fps

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One of the most difficult things about a trip as big as Africa is to get the volume of images created down to a reasonable number, so they can be shared in a reasonable amount of time. The natural side-effect of this is that many images are never seen by anyone but us.

So this time we decided to try something new: we put every image we took into a slideshow that plays them back at ten per second. The point here is to get across the feeling and scope of the trip, not necessarily any specific image. I think it succeeds.

Part one: The Northern Sector of Tanzania

[vimeo clip_id=”22638839″ height=”” width=”863″]


Part Two: the Southern and Western Sectors of Tanzania

[vimeo clip_id=”22770974″ height=”” width=”863″]


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Here is something you will probably never see again: the Great Pyramids at Giza with nobody around:

Our trip to Egypt happened to coincide with the end of the violent demonstrations there, and before tourism started up again…perfect timing to have a Wonder of the World all to ourselves…literally. Normally these sites have as many as 100,000 visitors per day…and the only other person we saw was a security guard. Amazing.

The pyramids at Saqarra and Dashur were also totally empty.

More details on the story to come, when I launch my personal portfolio site and blog. Stay tuned!


By popular demand…

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I’m slowly working through the images taken on our trip to Tanzania, and I thought I’d share a few more  with you. Enjoy!

A mongoose enjoying the morning sun on the roof of her home: an abandoned termite mound. Tarangire Park.

While more common in the south, seeing a wild dog in the north is extremely rare...even our guide was excited! Tarangire Park.

Baby baboons love to monkey around. Lake Manyara.

Baby lions teething on a bush. Lake Ndutu.

We watched this chameleon change colours several times as he strolled from the road to a bush. Lake Ndutu.

A young cheetah enjoying the afternoon sun. His mom was just out of frame. Lake Ndutu.

This leopard was not shy at all, walking right beside our truck to get to the distant fields. Serengeti Park.

One of five black rhinos we saw during our day in the Ngorongoro crater.

This chimp was about 3 feet from me when I took this. Shortly after this photo was taken, he brushed right by me. Mahale Park.

A close encounter with a croc. Selous Game Reserve.

You'd be surprised at how easily these guys can sneak up on you. Tarangire Park.

More to come…


A few more

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At the…shall we say “insistence” of friends and family, here are a few more photos from our African adventure. More to come!

A leopard hiding in the underbrush in Manyara National Park.


Not sure what this little guy is, but he was quite interested in us. Manyara National Park


A baby cheetah sprints after his little brother in the Ndutu area of Ngorongoro National Park.


An interested zebra in the Ngorongoro crater


A baby lion with a tasty treat (his brother's nose!) in Selous Game Reserve.


Hippos at sunset in Selous National Park


Look at those teeth! A croc in Selous Game Reserve.


This lioness (and six of her friends) was 200 yards from our camp for the night! Ruaha National Park


When you're the king, you don't have to pay attention to photographers. Ruaha National Park.


A very rare red colobus monkey, Udzungwa National Park


We’re back!

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Well, after 4 weeks in East Africa and 4 days in Cairo we’re back home again and digging our way out, both figuratively and literally. Two days ago we were in T-shirts and shorts, and now we’re shoveling driveways. Sigh.

Keep an eye on this space for highlights from our trip 🙂

In the mean time, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer don’t hesitate to contact me…there are still dates available in 2011 and 2012 up for grabs.


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